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Welcome to Gerd Hacker Handels GmbH

The company of Gerd Hacker was established as a dealer and sales agency for car parts in 1970 and has during the past years specialised itself increasingly in supplying the industry. Now, in collaboration with very high-capacity suppliers, majorly manufacturers of units, construction machines, railed vehicles, compressors and vehicle tanks are supplied. We offer you high quality products from amongst others Blau (petrol caps and filler necks for fuel, diesel, hydraulic and urea tanks (AdBlue)); MotoMeter (display equipment for temperature-, pressure and fuel supply displays), LAP (beacon lights, rotating mirror beacons, XENON beacons) and the entire range of Littelfuse - vehicle fuses. For the construction of vehicle tanks we offer you a big selection of building elements for tanks. Altogether we can proffer you cost-effective and technically perfected solutions for small or big series productions.


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